V.A. - Indian Rhythms

Compiled by Toto

The new compilation of World People Production INDIAN RHYTHM is more than a simple V/A, it's a real road trip to the heart of India. Groove Inspektorz will take you on his Enfield to a wild ride. And it's gone to join Samadhi into the crazyness of Goa, to trek with Hyperfrequencies in the smoky mountains, to meditate on the karmik waves of Electric Mirror and listen to the voices of the ancients with Braindrop, feast on the spicy sounds of Sychotria and Nyama, share a meal with Audioform and be right in the heart of the music of the streets thanks to Stranger and Synchronicity. At the same time mystic, groovy and psychedelic the INDIAN RHYTHM compilation will transport India and it"s flavour wherever you are!
Disponible en juillet 2013