V.A. - MILKY WAY - Comp. by Little Pumpkin

Release : Feb. 7th, 2015

Arrr! Pirates !
Here is the new compilation World People “ Milky Way “ released in digital download on Bandcamp with :
Synthetik Chaos vs Skyhigh Pirates, it gives us an explosive and groovy trio. Cosmic Iron to whom we dedicate this compilation, the final track done by our late friend and companion Dima. Chakraview and Mind Pirates, our 2 new Indian talents. Moai Project, Synaptick who prepares us an EP for 2015. Annunakey vs Badrinath, Synchronicity vs Peace Kaa, Organic Hybrid the second project of our friend Karl aka Electric Mirror. Desintegrated Circuits, Noj Nor, a bright guest from Digital Shamans who comes straight from Canada, you will remembrer his name. And not forgetting Caro aka Little Pumpkin well known by everyone who concocted us with his feeling and feminine force this beautiful and powerful compilation that will make you up at night or will keep you awake :-)
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