Groove Hunter - Timeless
Release April 29th, 2022

The debut full album by Groove Hunter is finally ready to see the light!
Our experienced Russian pirate of the groove had been sharpening his skills and tricks for this album since when the Groove Hunter project was created.
This 10-track sonic craftwork consists in 7 solo tracks and 3 joint ventures with Egova (Banyan rec), Peyotes (Sangoma rec) and Molecular Structures.
Dive into the deepness of Groove Hunter's throbbing rhythms and oscillating modulations are bound to leave the trace in next the season of underground trancefloors.
A gloomy shiny auditory gem not to be missed!
Mastering by TRK Mastering
Original artwork by Gaya Tree
Design by Groove Hunter
/ Edit by Edi Reifman