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Contact with the Groove

V.A.  - Tortuga Secrets 2 / Comp. by Edell Sortie le 1er nov. 2018

V.A. - Tortuga Secrets 2
Comp. by Edell

V.A.  - Tortuga Secrets 2 / Comp. by Edell Sortie le 27 sept. 2018

Noj Nor - The Falafel Secret

Noj Nor - The Falafel Secret Sortie le 25 mai 2018

Whishi - Integration

Whishi - Integration Sortie le 4 vril 2018

Wood Warden - Ego Killer

Wood Warden - 
			Ego Killer Sortie le 7 mars 2018

Hashashin - Smoking Skills

Hashashin - 
			Smoking Skills Sortie le 27 jan. 2018

Sagoam - After the Storm

Sagoam - After the Storm Sortie le 17 nov. 2017

CyberPirates Gathering - Comp. by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP

CyberPirates Gathering - Comp. by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP Sortie le 17 août 2017
World People Production présente
Castelnau-de-M. / 45min de Toulouse
8 déc. 2018

C'est en revenant à notre port d'attache qui reste Toulouse et ses environs, que nous avons découvert le Colo & Co qui nous à ouvert ses portes afin d’accueillir un nouveau concept :
Faire une bonne teuf tout en aidant des gens, apporter un coté solidaire sur de petites actions concrètes et directes, dont vous aurez le rapport en images.
Comme, pour cette fois-ci, faire une collecte de produits de nécessaire de toilette pour les réfugiés d'Afrique qui arrivent a Toulouse et qui sont seul car pas de structure pour les accueillir, afin de leur apporter un peu de soutien.
Et pour vous motiver nous offrons un Album digital à chaque personne arrivant avec l'un de ces articles .
La soirée commencera a 19h avec un concert de Reggae avec Roots Muffin'Job.
Mais n'oubliez pas le concept premier des World People qui est les soirées déguisés et qui portera sur votre thème favoris : les Pirates !!!
Alors tous a vos déguisements de Pirates, Forbans et Corsaires!
Un Album digital offert a chaque Pirate déguisé.
Soyez fous, lâchez vous, rejoignez nous !

Colo & Co
La canal, St. Jérome
81140 Castelnau-De-Montmiral


GROOVE HUNTER - Contact With The Groove
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Sortie le 1er nov. 2018
As the Russian nights get colder, Our new Pirate - Groovehunter (Ilay) braving the blizzards, bring to your speakers his latest EP - “Contact with Groove”.
Known for his precise organic treatment to the earbuds, Groovehunter has once again created a nice blend of night and foresty grooves.
World People is proud to present Groovehunter”s latest work so get ready to Groove and move !
V.A. - Tortuga Secrets 2 / Comp. by Edell
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Sortie le 27 sept. 2018
AHoY there Pirates!! Greetings…So the word just got in that Dj Edell (Edi) on his recent voyage, has discovered some secret treasures off the coast of Tortuga. 10 precious handcrafted tracks produced by pirates from various continents were found within the treasure chest. DJ Edell is kind enough to share a dose of these high-octane night time psychedelia with you.
He strikes back after the killer VA Tortuga Secrets, following up his saga with VA Tortuga Secrets #2.
This outstanding collection features some of the most cutting-edge underground artists of the psychedelic scene.
NOJ NOR - The Falafel Secret
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Sortie le 25 mai 2018
There are certain secrets that have puzzled dancefloors for centuries ... Even wondered why we moved to the groove ? 
Well it’s not a secret anymore, as Noj Nor is back with his latest Ep - “The Falafel Secret”, and he is ready to smear and spread his sounds across the crusty dancefloors on this planet. Get ready for an even more evolved and funkier Noj Nor style and if your moves are weak, start practising or you will end up eating some falafels. 
Wipeout is the alias of Vanessa Rothmund, who is coming selecting energetic and funky high bpm night tunes.
After her collection was fully of new sonority, she start to put his sets online and with the great feedback just got her first gigs at parties and festivals. Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo State, have his first contact with trance at world famous festival Universo Paralelo at Bahia, restarting at that moment everything what have been living, connecting deeply and spiritually with the music and the psychedelic culture, awakening a new path for came til these days.
Wipeout means the fully... Lire la suite
CHILD_OS is an Italian DJ born in Sardinia and based in Rome.

Raised in the industrial/noise scene, he began spinning powernoise and industrial techno at Roman parties in 2006. In 2007 he fell in love with dark psytrance, and began incorporating it into his sets. Moving totally into the genre in 2008, he started to contaminate the industrial scene spinning the dark and noisy psytrance that captured his original interest.

2009 also saw him joining Global Noise Movement and in 2011 he finally joined Free Spirit Foundation, the main Roman psytrance organization behind hugely successful inte... Lire la suite