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Ancestral Beat
02.03.2018 NUITS OREADES
Oréades Prod
03.03.2018 LUMIèRE NOIRE
Simon Spak
03.03.2018 OPTIMAL BASS
Optimal Bass et Electro Fox
Koichi Kato

CyberPirates Gathering - Comp. by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Sortie le 17 août 2017

V.A. Tropical Blast - Comp. by Mavzi

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Sortie le 4 juillet 2017

Poker Of Aces EP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Sortie le 2 juin 2017

Synchronicity - Rum Diary EP

Synchronicity - Rum Diary EP Sortie le 18 mai 2017

Noj Nor - Oysturized

Noj Nor - Oysturized Sortie le 23 mai 2017

Chakraview - Make a Wish

Chakraview - Make a Wish Sortie le 17 fév. 2017

Mind Pirates - Infinite Chaos

Mind Pirates - Infinite Chaos Sortie le 10 fév. 2017
7 Chakras Festival
Nous sommes heureux de démarrer cette nouvelle année 2018, que nous vous souhaitons pleine de santé, de musique psychédélique, et d’énergie positive pour vous annoncez que cette année nous serons partenaire officiel de l’edition 2018 du festival 7 Chakras qui se tiendra du 30 aout au 3 septembre en Italie.
Nous ne ferons donc pas de festival cette année au mois de juillet pour nous concentrer sur cette nouvelle association donc nous comptons sur vous pour suivre la vibe World People et certains de nos artistes jusqu’en Toscane.
☠️The World People Crew☠️

After Movie

HASHASHIN - Smoking Skills
V.A. Tropical Blast - Comp. by Mavzi
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. Sortie le 27 jan. 2018
SAGOAM - After the Storm
V.A. Tropical Blast - Comp. by Mavzi
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Sortie le 17 nov. 2017
Its usually the calm before a Storm , but ever wondered what is the after the Storm? Ok dont worry as Sagoam, the pirate duo ( Maurizio Morabito & Giacomo Marino) from Italy is all set to unravel their debut Ep – “After the Storm” on World People Production and also show you the after effects of the psychedelic storm that has been looming large eversince. 
A dancefloor blaster, the EP is a must have for all. The Storm is brewing , but what comes after it is even better. Get ready for the SAGOAM experience. 
Feeeling organizers and DJ.
Start a psychedelic trance DJ in 2011.
In 2015 gained a lot of experience, to start a party team feeeling.
They are based in Yamanashi Prefecture and are regularly hosting a secret partnership with a host of DJs.
It belongs to DJ & promoter of World People Production (France) in 2017.
Play Style is working on mixing every day on the theme of enjoying everyone around the World People Prod Track.
I am challenging everyday with the aim of further leap.... Lire la suite
Alexis Aka Hydra
Alexis De la Cruz aka Hydra is a energetic DJ set of Twiligth that combines and develops its mixes in fast-paced, crushing and dark rhythms ranging from 146 to 150 BPM! Coming from the Trance network team house and now signed with the French label World People prod, will show us why it is an excellent option to polish on the dance floors... Lire la suite