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( 4 nuits)
We Are Aliens: Silver Lake Festival et Prywatka U Pana Hoffmana/ Tribe In- Pixie
Altered Forest et Psyllabus
The Invocation Project
18.08.2018 ON FLEEK TRAIN SPOT 19878

Noj Nor - The Falafel secret

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : May 25th, 2018

Whishi - Integration

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : April 4th, 2018

Wood Warden - Ego Killer

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : March 7th, 2018

Hashashin - Smoking Skills

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Jan. 27th, 2018

Sagoam - After the Storm

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Nov. 17th, 2017

CyberPirates Gathering - Comp. by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Aug. 17th, 2017

V.A. Tropical Blast - Comp. by Mavzi

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : July 4th, 2017

Poker Of Aces EP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : June 2d, 2017


7 Chakras Festival - Aug. 30 to Sept. 3, 2018 - Italy
Hey Trance festival lovers,
A as you know World People this year will be in Italia.
This summer will be under Chakras sign with the 7 Chakras Festival.
Because we know that large number of you will join us in Tuscany and because we want to reward the efforts you will make to follow us, we will offer to every person who will show up at the festival gate under the name of the World People pirates one of our last release : the new album by one of our best artists, Wishi!
So don't forget to get your presale tickets if you want to follow us in this Italian adventure.
And please dont forget to mention its from WP ;)
☠️The World People Crew☠️

After Movie Event

To be part of the 7 Chakras Festival adventure, join now Believe Lab !

NOJ NOR - The Falafel Secret
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release May 25th, 2018
There are certain secrets that have puzzled dancefloors for centuries ... Even wondered why we moved to the groove ? 
Well it’s not a secret anymore, as Noj Nor is back with his latest Ep - “The Falafel Secret”, and he is ready to smear and spread his sounds across the crusty dancefloors on this planet. Get ready for an even more evolved and funkier Noj Nor style and if your moves are weak, start practising or you will end up eating some falafels. 
WISHI - Integration
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release April 4th, 2018
With the passage of time, we understand that every thing is connected or integrated. To give perspective to this unforeseen phenomena, Wishi(Alexander Shillets) is back with another full length album - “Integration” and make life better for us.
Without any doubt, this album has the right ingredients of dance floor spices and also includes collaboration tracks with
Ajja, Skyhigh Pirates, Assioma, Mole, Jumstreet and which are positively dancefloor bombs in its truest sense.
Get ready for this new World People adventure and let’s get INTEGRATED
Groove Hunter
Better known as Groovehunter (Zorin Illay) from the south of Russia, known for his driving night time production and playful elements of cybernetically organic forest sounds, has decided to jump on board the World People Ship. Having played across several dancefloors and also previously releasing his debut ep - Southern Spirit on Sangoma Recs, Groovehunter is all powered to set sail with the WP crew and treat you with an organic adventure.... Read more