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24.10.2020 NAMASTE EDITION #01
Laurent Vitse

RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm

RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm Release July 21st, 2020

BUCKLE - Flying Ship

			  Compiled by Ananda Release June 11th, 2020

HASHASHIN - Punch Lines

HASHASHIN - Punch Lines Release May 14th, 2020

Compiled by Ananda

			  Compiled by Ananda Release April 14th, 2020

DARK MATTER / Worst Behaviour EP

DARK MATTER / Worst Behaviour EP Release March 24th, 2020

GREEN CULTURE / Sound Dispensary

GREEN CULTURE / Sound Dispensary Release Feb. 6th, 2020

V.A. - Manipurius / Comp. by Akibel

V.A. - Manipurius / Comp. by Akibel Release : Dec. 10th, 2019

GROOVE HUNTER - Metaphysic Philosophy

GROOVE HUNTER  - Metaphisic Release : Sept. 27th, 2019

BEST OF WORLD PEOPLE - Selected by the Crew

BEST OF WORLD PEOPLE  - Selected by the Crew Release : June 21st, 2019


SYNCHRONICITY - In Memory Release : May 2d, 2019

V.A. MODULAR ISLAND - Comp. by Reality Ripper

V.A. MODULAR ISLAND - Comp. by Reality Ripper Release : March 27th, 2019
RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release July 21st, 2020
The comfort of the gloom is home to Raccoon, the latest component of World People Productions. “Not Human Sarcasm” is his new EP. Four solo tracks bringing together the energy of night-time psytrance grooves with the most mesmerizing forest sounds. If you read until this point, we bet you aren’t afraid of darkness. Are you? Raccoon's EP will boost your night-time wild side.
BUCKLE - Flying Ship
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release June 11th, 2020
One more killer act from Brazil is back in the spotlight: Buckle! A long-time World People trooper, his second full release on our catalog is titled 'Flying Ship’ and features collaborations with Diksha,Hookers, Steven, Weirdbass, SkyPirate, Dystopian and Orion Signal. Buckle has created a 10-track fierce wave of high frequencies and rapid pulsations, embodying a voluptuous psychedelic wind that will keep the ‘Flying Ship’ on air for 80 minutes of high-quality auditory delight. The kind of soundscape you want to gift to the finest taste of your audience, and foremost yourself.
HASHASHIN - Punch Lines
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release May 14th, 2020
Let’s face it: we’ve all had way better days in our lifetimes. Lately, some of us had to push their resistance and patience levels beyond their own limits. Some others have been pushing their creativity over their boundaries, creating something that’s meant to stay - And our Hashashin is one of them!
Locked down in his Brussels studio, he cut the three fat 'Punch Lines' you have been longing for. Three masterpieces of the finest subterranean pounding trance: nothing less you could expect from one of the most ingenious soundcrafters in the World People Productions galleon. Serve yourself today, and enjoy Hashashin’s neural bounty!
V.A. - AIKYUM Compiled by Ananda
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release April 14th, 2020
A droning pulse is rising from India as our fellow DJ Ananda finished compiling the new World People compilation - “Aikyam" featuring cosmic illusion &corrupt illusionist, Chakraview, Tolatol, Desired Reaction, Groove hunter & Racoon, Hashashin, Kaza, Killawatt, TerraHertz & XS and the mighty Kri Samadhi.
Ananda is a qualified connoisseur of psychedelic aural oceans, being involved with the psytrance scene in Delhi and supporting it for over a decade now. His fine taste of the underground is ready to be unfolded to the crowd with “Aikyam”. Curious much? Dive into it !
Taquion is the project of Brazilian Fabio Lopes, born in São Paulo, Dj and Music Producer since 2007. Fabio presents a whole new experience totally mind-blowing focused on the night psychedelic trance, which has been merging various styles, bringing together the most modern of Full on Night.
Binho proposes in his productions a more obscure hypnotic sound line, with sinister ambiences, high-powered basslines accompanied by warm and innovative timbres, designed to transport listeners to the other dimension through high frequency sound waves.... Read more
Anton Alekseevka aka Racoon from Samara city ( south of Russian). Raccoons Night animals, but can engage in magic and in the light of the day. Magic actions perform exclusively for the sake of fun or to create good. Raccoon - the project of the Russian musician Anton Alekseeva. To add to the music of Anton began with childhood, in the older classes played in the punk rock band on the shock parallel while studying a different musical software. In the beginning of the 00, hitting his first Psytrance-party, Anton immediately understood - it)). Since then, the transh has become an important and ... Read more
Desired Reaction
Desired Reaction comes from the union of 2 Argentinian artists whose names are Dezzert and Kovik (student-teacher) of the French label Squarelab music at the end of 2018. A project full of psychedelic atmospheres, deep sounds, and powerful sequences of leads that make a combination explosive The nocturnal textures and their different speeds play a key role in the journey of these artists.... Read more