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Groove Hunter
Illegal Groove

Groove Hunter - Illegalm Groove Release Jan. 19th, 2024

Milky Way 2.0

V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Release Dec. 1st, 2023

Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2

Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2 Release Oct. 6th, 2023


Billuminati - Timewarp Release May 18th, 2023

First Contact

V.A. - First Contact Release April 27th, 2023

Little Pumpkin

Little Pumpkin - Puzzle Release Mar. 23d, 2023


Sulima  - Cyberstation Release Feb. 9th, 2023

Be Happy

Shininjah  - Be Happy Release Dec. 24th, 2022

Noise Wares
Tales from the Trip

Noise Wares - Tales from the Trip Release Dec. 23d, 2022

On Board

Pusher - On Board Release Dec. 2d, 2022

Exile Caucase

Panchabhuta - Exile Caucase Release Oct. 21st, 2022

Downloading the Coconuts

Sitarsonic - Downloading the Coconuts Release Oct. 21st, 2022

Freaky Circus

Sagoam - Freaky Circus Release July 15th, 2022
Groove Hunter - Illegal Groove
V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Comp. by Little Pumpkin
Release Jan. 19th, 2024
Bandcamp Kicking '24 off with a new forestic pearl.
After 2 Ep, one EP in collabaration with Dissociactive and one recent album Ilay aka Grooves Hunter returns with new EP supercharged bolts of psychedelic goodness, in the form of 5 absolute bangers including collaboration track with Seb.
World People is proud to present Groove hunter's latest work so get ready to groove and move!
V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Comp. by Little Pumpkin
V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Comp. by Little Pumpkin
Release Dec. 1st, 2023
Hurry up psyfolks! The World People spaceship is all set to jet off for the second round trip through the Milky Way, compiled by Little Pumpkin.
Twelve high-quality pieces of underground psy delight featuring the frontline World People artists alongside illustrious alien guests such as Dezzert, Gaspard, Chimerical&Garden Of Eden Altered Stasis, Neutral Element,Hexagone
Once again, Little Pumpkin proves her expertise and skill set in the contemporary psytrance soundscapes, providing an exquisite selection of tunes as well as the result her own latest production.
V.A. - Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2
V.A. - Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2
Release Oct. 6th, 2023
Billuminati - Timewarp
Billuminati - Timewarp
Release May 18th, 2023
Hey psyheadz!
Remember this name: Billuminati!
A solo Hungarian project from Czetka Béla, part of Symbionts.
His new EP is now part of the WP release collection.
3 solo tracks bringing together the energy of the best day-time psytrance grooves.
The kind of soundscape you want to gift to the finest taste of your audience, and foremost yourself.
V.A. - First Contact
V.A. - First Contact
Release April 27th, 2023
Release alert!
Aliens and Pirates are joining forces! Label managers Toto Wp and Ian Brooks have decided to create a collaborative project compilation, bringing a fresh breath of fine psychedelia, ready to launch you into a new musical journey. Both label artists have given their professionalism and their best possible self, to deliver the best possible result for your ears, mind and psyche. World People Prod and Nordic Aliens Music Lab proudly present to you our collaborative compilation: "First Contact"
Little Pumpkin - Puzzle
Little Pumpkin  - Puzzle
Release Mar. 23th, 2023
The stream of fresh talents coming out of the World People Productions' roster keeps flowing, as our label DJ Little Pumpkin has now joined planet Production with her debut release on our label.
"Puzzle" EP is the perfect addition to your late-night playlist, for you to drag the dancers into an intricated yet solid construction of noises and depths.
Hypnotic and intense, Little Pumpkin's unique pulsating beats are bound to leave a lasting impression on the underground trancefloors rising worldwide.
Step up your brain skills and try solve Little Pumpkin's Puzzle today!
Sulima - Cyberstation
Sulima  - Cyberstation
Release Feb. 9th, 2022
World People Productions present the newest addition of the label's roster!
After years of shiny and well-known productions, Russian blastermind Sulima is back at it with a flaming selection of his freshest buzzing creations.
An array of stomping beats and electrocutional synths for the joy of the psytrance affectionates who appreciate powerful, surprising twists at the highest creative capacity.
Secure your brain and fasten the synapses! The launch from Sulima’s “Cyberstation” is due.
Pitch, or Vladimir in normal life, since his youth, liked everything related to punk music and lifestyle. He was inspired by the rhythms of Russians and not only punk rockers. In the late 90s, his musical preferences shifted sharply towards electronic psychedelic music and collecting music became a new passion, first on regular cassettes, and then on CD and DAT. Already having on hand a considerable amount of material collected bit by bit, exchanging with the best collectors around the world, Vladimir began to try himself as a DJ. Subsequently, he participated in parties all over the Russia as... Read more
SULIMA is a Russian psy-trance project created by Alexander Sulima in the 90s of the last millennium. During the existence of the project, Alexander managed to work in many styles of electronic music, thus constantly gaining vast experience in creating musical compositions. He also created jingles for central TV channels, worked in the film industry as a post-production sound engineer. At the moment he is the chief sound engineer of the legendary orchestra. All this diversity of segments of the music and sound industry gave Alexander a broader view of his work, which is endlessly expressed in ... Read more
Pusher is a newcomer veteran project from hungary.
Its clean sound world is characterized by a melancholic melody, the rhythms and energy of Nigthpsy and the more mysterious forest atmospheres, with which it brings fresh energy to the dance floor.
Tom's psychedelic journey began in 2002 in an underground place in the heart of Budapest, after which he threw himself into the depths of electronic music in a self-taught manner a few years later.
In spite of initial difficulties, the Spiritcat project was born, which followed the fullon trend, and then teamed up with Dj Görgö to create Blastou... Read more