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Lost Signal

DISSOCIATIVE & GROOVE HUNTER - Lost Signal Release Nov. 25th, 2020

Tales of Wood

WOOD WARDEN - Tales of Wood Release Oct. 27th, 2020

RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm

RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm Release July 21st, 2020

BUCKLE - Flying Ship

			  Compiled by Ananda Release June 11th, 2020

HASHASHIN - Punch Lines

HASHASHIN - Punch Lines Release May 14th, 2020

Compiled by Ananda

			  Compiled by Ananda Release April 14th, 2020

Worst Behaviour EP

DARK MATTER / Worst Behaviour EP Release March 24th, 2020

GREEN CULTURE / Sound Dispensary

GREEN CULTURE / Sound Dispensary Release Feb. 6th, 2020

V.A. - Manipurius / Comp. by Akibel

V.A. - Manipurius / Comp. by Akibel Release : Dec. 10th, 2019

GROOVE HUNTER - Metaphysic Philosophy

GROOVE HUNTER  - Metaphisic Release : Sept. 27th, 2019
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release Nov. 25th, 2020
World People Productions and Pixan Recordings team up for the first time in a joint quest that tastes like underground.
Russian psychedelic architects Dissociactive and Groove Hunters merge into “Lost Signal”. A 4-handed auricular rubdown that will spread your chakras wide open for augmented reception.
Hold your seats and be ready for this double quaker!
WOOD WARDEN - Tales of Wood
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release Oct. 27th, 2020
Two years after his last work, Wood Warden is back on board with his shiny new EP straight from his woody French lab.
Tales of Wood is a book written with analog ink and digital pen.
Based on a true story, this audio alchemy takes you inside yourself.
A twisted tale, full of adventures and bounce always with an organic mindset.
This EP embodies three earthy diamonds concentrating a gloomy sense of lunacy and cheeky euphoric noises over a carpet of steady basslines.
World People Productions warmly recommends you to sink into this versatile coil of dynamic yet atmospheric soundscapes, to lighten up your autumn with the colors of the woodland.
RACCOON - Not Human Sarcasm
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release July 21st, 2020
The comfort of the gloom is home to Raccoon, the latest component of World People Productions. “Not Human Sarcasm” is his new EP. Four solo tracks bringing together the energy of night-time psytrance grooves with the most mesmerizing forest sounds. If you read until this point, we bet you aren’t afraid of darkness. Are you? Raccoon's EP will boost your night-time wild side.
Hecate is a new producer of psychedelic trance and dark progressive music.
She is from Greece and she is internationally known as a djane by the nickname ''Freedu''.
Her releases on Insonitus Records and exhibited her promisingly unique style which combines powerful baselines with crispy-cinematic-dark sounds. At her release at O.v.n.i Breakfast she revealed her faster/groovy side. Her last remarkable dark progressive ep was realeased at Yokshaa Records and from this she enter in WP label.
Follow Hecate and expect plenty of blasting tracks in the future.... Read more
Glyph is a 32 year old multi-genre producer from Cape Town, South Africa

Glyph started off producing Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop in Cape Town back in 2006.
Moving shortly after to London to spend a few years honing his craft.
He then came back to South Africa to help run a successful indoor psy label for a number of years
After many years behind the scenes in a number of large festivals, he recently decided to focus on production again.

Coming from a long line of musicians he incorporates jazz, reggae, jungle and various other elements, drawing inspiration from his travels across the glo... Read more
PocaHontas is a DJane based in Iran with a deeply rooted passion for underground music.
Coming from a rock/metal background, she got hooked into the psytrance world in 2010.
Her love for the psychedelic scene kept growing steadily until 2016, when she decided to learn DJing twilight psytrance tunes at private parties in Iran.
One year later, PocaHontas started her journey in the world of music production and released her first track in 2020 under Bholenat Records, and second under Stonehead Records.
She is now part of World People Productions and proudly represents the label in Persia... Read more