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World People is a Trance association created in 2006. Based in the south of France in Carcassonne, it's the story of 2 buddies, Kristo decorator and Toto DJ, that began by taking up a shop in the festivals everywhere in Europe. Time going and with the love of the trance, we began to organize after-parties-parties on the events where we worked. People began to know us as a kind of Pirate Sound System. In 2006, after 5 years on roads, we created World People.
The main purpose of our association is to promote electronic music and the various artists involved in this movement. For that purpose, World People organizes once a year, a festival, but no one as the others. We want that the participants are also actors of the event; our mission is to prepare a place combining the adequate conditions to allowed them to express themselves.
World People is more a musical carnival than a festival of 3 days.
Every year, we define a theme to create a complete universe, with decoration and costumes, so that the atmosphere is total, 10 artists of the festival create a track based on the theme.
These tracks are played for the first time during the festival and you can listen to them again and again on the compilation !!!
• Night Psytrance •
WISHI is promising upcoming act on Russian psychedelic trance scene and nowdays it's a solo project maintained by Alexander Shilets who is based in Moscow. Originally the project was formed in 2013 and after few years in forest sound direction Alexander has changed his production style into energetic night psytrance, that makes people move and bring some psychedelic experience same time. So next few years were very productive for Alexander aka WI... Read more
• Psynight •
Hashashin is the night psytrance solo project of Belgium based producer and Dj Quentin Van Houtte.

He started his musical journey as a drummer in the early 90’s before he got strongly contamined by psychedelic trance in 2005. After a while, he tried to cure himself by cooking his own beats and also quickly learn how to use turntables.

Since his first party behind the decks in 2009, he has been blasting all kind of imaginable dancefloor: fo... Read more
Skyhigh Pirates
If you add some 3P lead, some crunchy glitchy samples and some High psychédelic sound atmosphere, some twisted noise with some killer voice samples, plus a fat kick and a groovy bass line and a touch of crazyness then you will get : Skyhigh Pirates !
We made this Project basicaly to have fun, and after sold our first track we discovered that people enjoy it, so we decide to spread it.
Made by one really high english: Mark aka Skyhighatrist from ... Read more
• Psytrance •
Not so long ago in the mid 80's... Somewhere in the eastern jungles of Assam, India, amidst magic and lore, unintelligible extraterrestrial activity spawned increasingly. Several unreported abductions transpired during this phase. Of little that can be recalled, momentary flashes of haunting bright lights kept recurring on a daily basis. As the Abductions got more frequent, encounters with the other kind left anaemic recollections of the visits. ... Read more
Noj Nor
• Psytrance •
Noj Nor is the project of Dj Ron Jon an up and coming producer from Ottawa Canada. He has been producing since 2007 and will be made his first release on Digital Shaman records.
Ron Jon has been spinning psytrance since 2000. His sets have been described as high energy, deep and psychedelic. His highly influenced by the music he spins record labels such as Wildthings, Bom Shanka, Peak records, World People Pirates, Looney Moon and Parvati.
He h... Read more
Wood Warden
• Psytrance •
Wood Warden is an innovative psychedelic music project mixing primitive rhythms, groovy basslines and an homemade sound design.
After working on their solo projects, Nemz & B., two tripped homies decide to put their energies together.
The spirit of Wood Warden's productions is to get forward on the path of the mystic and dynamize the energy that psytrance brings to the dancefloor.

R-esearch in
C-onsciousness... Read more
• Psytrance •
Sagoam is a live project that is born of the union of two dj music lovers in Northern Italy.
Morabito Maurizio aka Psydrummer was born in 1980, started playing techno-progressive on turntables in 2000. His passion brought him to know psytrance music in 2003, when he met his present travel companion Giacomo Marino aka Gas. Born in 1987 he has also made his mark as a Dj and holds a deep passion for psytrance music. They found themselves playing t... Read more
• Psytrance •
Buckle is Thiago Fideles. Brazilian, born in 1988. Behind this crazy project, Thiago brings a passion for music since childhood, which was influenced by two grandfathers, a music teacher and the other in love with his Rabeca (rabeca chuleira is an instrument from northeastern Brazil). The project came from a need to learn to control anxiety and also expose a number of crazy thoughts. After the first psychedelic trip that began in 2007 at the "Fes... Read more
Mind Pirates
• Psynight •
MIND PIRATES aka Francisco and Gambino is the story of 2 goani brothers who grew up in an area bathed in a culture dedicated to alternative way of life and Trance music. Naturaly, being à Dj was, first a children dream and then a reachable goal.
They started djing in the early 90's taking their time at the beggining to improve their style. After a while, their names started to be well known and they became the resident djs of the famous club Th... Read more
• Psytrance night & morning •
Steven est un artiste Français qui fait partie du label World People.
Il découvre la psytrance en 2002 lors d'un festival en Suisse. Après avoir enchainé les parties dans des clubs underground de Londres et des festivals à l'étranger; il propose ses premiers DJ Set et intègre l'équipe d'HADRA en mixant dans différentes parties et festivals. Désirant raconter ses propres histoires, il se met à la composition en 2007 et rejoint les pir... Read more
Groove Hunter
• Forest •
Better known as Groovehunter (Zorin Illay) from the south of Russia, known for his driving night time production and playful elements of cybernetically organic forest sounds, has decided to jump on board the World People Ship. Having played across several dancefloors and also previously releasing his debut ep - Southern Spirit on Sangoma Recs, Groovehunter is all powered to set sail with the WP crew and treat you with an organic adventure.... Read more
Dark Matter
Dark Matters is the second project of Kaio Donato aka Weirdbass, producer and DJ based in Juiz De Fora, Brasil. After moving to Aracaju-SE, he began to attend the psychedelic underground universe of the city's festivities, where, finally, Kaio began his career playing in local festivals. In the year 2014 he began to become interested in music production, where he chose to take courses and study theories of music production on the internet, starti... Read more
Disintegrated Circuits
• Hightech •
Disintegrated Circuits is the psychedelic trance project of Gonza . Gonza has born in Portugal and has been into music production as far as he can remember.In 1999 he attended to his first psy trance party and since then the love for this type of music never ceased. In order to learn how to play this new instrument ( the computer ), Gonza moved to London, where he got an Audio Technology Foundation Degree Diploma at City Of Westminster Universit... Read more
Ze Looters
• Morning Psy •
ZE LOUTERS is the culmination of the friendship between 2 djs : Toto cap'tain of the association World People Prod, and as well member of the projects Pirated Machines (with Fab Illegal Machines) and Skyhighpirates (with Mark Skyhighatrist) and Steven aka Dj Stevenson aka Synaptick.
Their music can be defined as a story where everyone bring their own vision of psychedelism and piracy. To resume, we can say that the groovy melodies Take us far aw... Read more
Troubled Sequence
• Psytrance •
Troubled Sequence (aka Telepathic Vision) is the side project of Angelo Gonçalves, turned to psychedelic tunes, with some hard stuff synth, pumping basslines and nice driving drums! It's gonna rock your system!!!... Read more
Electric Mirror
Electric Mirror human name is Karl. He has been writting music from an early age and began his Psytrance career in 2002 in a group called Corona (Solartech Rec.). He is originally from Cape Town ZA but was abducted by aliens in 2004 and brought to Brighton UK, where he was instructed by them to create Electric Mirror. The name comes from Karl's Mayan sign, which is White Electric Mirror.
His sound can be discribed as Psychedelic night time with ... Read more
• Prog •
James aka Hypnos,comes from the south of France, he discovered underground electronic music in 1999 and started composing music in 2000. His first performances were in free parties and teknivals, techno, drum and bass, break beat, his style evolve throughout the years. In 2003, the Krymoditif Crew is born with DJ HP. In 2006, he finally meets the trance culture, a revelation that pushes him forward in the electronic music with a psychedelic progr... Read more
Pirated Machines
• Night Psychedelic •
Pirated Machines is a Psytrance project created by Fabien (Illegal Machines : and Toto (World-People :
The result of this association give us a twisted and groovy trance music.
Tracks out on Bom Shanka Music, Trance Karma rec, Hadra rec ... ... Read more
Little Pumpkin
• Psytrance night •
Little Pumpkin discovers the electronic music to hers debuts in 1992, with Laurent Garnier, during the mythical evenings "Wake Up" at the Rex club. She arrives in the more underground environment of Free parties in 1994... She sticks very fast on what will become more than a simple music, because a few years after she begins to mix. But it is during her 1st booking, in October, 1999, that many things start. Spotted by Miss Etta, founder of the or... Read more
• Hightech •
Influenced by psytrance in 2004 I began to go out in trance party and to discover a New World full of colors and psychedelisme, the influence of a tribal world which there was to investigate.... I began by organize parties with my friends from time to time, after that I entered in collective : "Muskaria" in 2005, to make some decoration, some animation, and some bodypainting …Quickly I learnt to mix with the decks Pionner 100. In 2008 I begin to... Read more
• Psytrance & Morning •
The prefix -aki is derived from the word “ani”, ni = ki, also known as “chi” (in taichi), meaning “life force” and -bel comes from the word “decibel” to form the concept of Akibel, the “musical energy life force”. Mysterious and Mystical she started dijiing simply out there out of love for the psychedelic music.

Soon, it became clear that she was obviously made for the role as she began to contaminate the dancefloor with groovy psych... Read more
Wipeout is the alias of Vanessa Rothmund, who is coming selecting energetic and funky high bpm night tunes.
After her collection was fully of new sonority, she start to put his sets online and with the great feedback just got her first gigs at parties and festivals. Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo State, have his first contact with trance at world famous festival Universo Paralelo at Bahia, restarting at that moment everything what have been living... Read more
• Psygressive, Progressive, Psytrance night •
Edell, aka Eduard Reifman, was born in Ukraine in 1981. At the age of 9 years he moved to live to Israel where there was its acquaintance to electronic music. Since 1995 it started to get involved of Psychedelic (GOA) Trance, Techno and Hardcore music. Career of DJ and the promoter began in 1998, on private parties where there were first experiments in different styles of electronic music. Soon Edi already invited to play the most actual night cl... Read more
Reality Ripper
• Psytrance & Morning •
Alexis better known as Hydra is responsible behind "Reality ripper", the Mexican representative of the great French brand world people prod With several years of experience in his dj set, he has positioned himself in one of the djing requested in the psychedelic scene in Mexico for his torn sets with highly twisted basslines, playing in several Mexican festivals.... Read more
Long long ago, the world was visited by extra-terrestrials. Those Earthlings who were lucky enough were infected by the sound frequencies emitted by them, thereby, making some superior to others. Ananda was one of them. Over time, he started actively being involved with the underground Psy Trance movement in Delhi. For over a decade he has been successfully supporting the scene and artists, while showcasing some of the best underground sounds. An... Read more
Toto WP
• Night Psychedelic •
Party lover and great trance music collector since the early 90's, Toto started djing in South Africa & Goa in 2003.
Since then, he played in many parties and festivals all across the globe : Little Green Planet (UK), Waterworld &, Modem x4 (Croatia), Hadra x2 & Arcadia ( FR), Freakblast x2 & Fora de Tempo (PT), Timegate x2 ( CH), WAO Festival (IT), 7 Chakras Festival (IT) and also in Russia, Greece, Spain, and New York.

Toto is... Read more
CHILD_OS is an Italian DJ born in Sardinia and based in Rome.

Raised in the industrial/noise scene, he began spinning powernoise and industrial techno at Roman parties in 2006. In 2007 he fell in love with dark psytrance, and began incorporating it into his sets. Moving totally into the genre in 2008, he started to contaminate the industrial scene spinning the dark and noisy psytrance that captured his original interest.

2009 also saw him j... Read more
• Psytrance & Morning •
Feeeling organizers and DJ.
Start a psychedelic trance DJ in 2011.
In 2015 gained a lot of experience, to start a party team feeeling.
They are based in Yamanashi Prefecture and are regularly hosting a secret partnership with a host of DJs.
It belongs to DJ & promoter of World People Production (France) in 2017.
Play Style is working on mixing every day on the theme of enjoying everyone around the World People Prod Track.
I am challenging ... Read more
Corrupt Illusionist
• Psynight •
Corrupt Illusionist is the brain child of MOHIT JAIN, a Delhi based musician who has been at the forefront of both rock & psychedelic trance music scene for over a decade. His style of spinning on the decks can be clearly defined as “corrupt and twisted”. He has been responsible for dance floor stomp massacres across various venues in the country. ... Read more
• Psytrance night & morning •
INSPACE aka Anton Tiomkin was born in Russia in 1984 and since 1997 he has lived in Israel.He is a founder and organizer of "Spirit Tribe Crew" (Israel) since 2014 which participates in underground dark open air parties. He has worked with artists such as Atriohm, Mark Day, Fungus Funk, Rawar, Highko, M.M.C, Wizack Twizack, Gaspard, Yab Yum, Petran and more. Today he plays dark and forest music styles. He worked with Popol Vuh Rec (Mexico), Anton... Read more
• Psytrance night & morning •
Primoz Djurich is fairly new power in the Slovenian Psychedelic Trance Scene.Four years ago,he made his first debut as a DJ.Since then is actively performers and participates as an organizer Psychedelic entertainment.
With the label from neighboring Italy Dream Project Records organized the largest Slovenian Psychedelic Trance festival Inner Frequencies.On their auspices,he performed two years.He play with alongside the greatest masters of the ... Read more
• Psytrance & Morning •
Mavzy est le projet de Dj Johnny Maviet originaire d'une petite île isolée dans l'hémisphère Sud, à l'est de l'Australie. Dès 2008 il se tourne vers la music psytrance en côtoyant de nombreux éléments incontournables de la scène électronique psychédélique, quelle soit locale ou internationale. Il va alors s'inspirer des plus grands labels underground Australiens, Européens et Sud Américains tel que (Looney Moon, Boom Shanka, World ... Read more
FuGui is from Chongqing China. From the beginning, in 2005 FuGui made contact to Psytrance; deeply touched, this very infectious music, changed his life. Over the years he committed his life to Psytrance and the promotion of the electronic music culture. He considers himself as the initiator and organizer of the "YuanQi Party" and the DJ. He has been trying to combine the energy with Heaven and Earth.... Read more
• Night psychedelic •
I discovered the techno and its underground world in 1992 thanks to Spiral Tribe, since then, the electronic music has never left me. First I followed the movement hardteck almost everywhere through Europe but as festival-goer, at the same time, in parallel I began to mix on vinyls deck. In 1998, I want to discover new horizons and I landed in India, and especially in Goa where I really discover the psychedelic trance and its culture. From there ... Read more
Agz is the project of the 24 year old Agge based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Almost since birth he has been connected to the art of music. His father played in a jazz inspired rock band, which meant there was always music on the speakers, and therefor he got introduced to many different genres and styles. At early age he fell in love with rock, and not so long after, heavy metal, hard rock and other sub genres. His love and never ending curiosity f... Read more
• Electro, Progressive, Psytrance night •
Founding member of the musical organization Krymoditif, Dj HP is mixing now for over 15 years.
He began by techno music and but develops various styles : ranging from break beat, electro hard techno, electro swing, winning some djs’ contests.
In 2009, He‘s discovered by the trance music organization “World People” : this meet marks a turning point in its influences ; he definitely plays psychedelic music.
He passionately mixes progressive... Read more
Miss Tick
• Minimal Electro •
Miss Tick comes from the movement Hip-hop and discovers the music techno in 1999. She meets DJ Natas and they begin producing sounds progressive as they love, which means very FAT. Organizer of the famous evenings at the BATOFAR " Trance Embarquement " where artists' producing DJ of progressive as Dnox and Beckers, Kasey Taylor, X Dream, André Absolut, James Monro, PRIME TIME, Symphonix played. Miss Tick promotes the Progressive music since 2001... Read more
• Progressive, Morning, Electro •
Toulousian DJ since 1997 it is when he puts one foot in the evenings trance that he discovers his attraction and decides to stand out in this environment. Behind the decks he makes discover to the public a minimal sound in an impeccable groove.
It is having been a part of Stateck Concept that he joins the World People association which produces him since recently.... Read more
• Hightech •
Dated back from 1999, Syndrom arrives in London and discovers psytrance parties which lead him to become a dj playing progressive psytrance and UK acid techno.
Back in France in 2002, he tends towards a more psychedelic style ans start organizing parties with "Crystal 27" and "Toltek" in Nice and Marseille.
His musical style keeps on progressing, from forest to darkpsy and in 2010,he becomes a member of the "World People" family . Since then,his ... Read more
Paulo Hoffman
• Ambiante, Chill Out ,Psygressive •
Paulo a.k.a. Hoffman , born in Lisbon-Portugal in 1966. Started in the electronic music in 1995, first on Techno and Acid Techno Dj'ing, by the hand of Raveman Record's. In 1997 started to listen to Trance Music...since then have become addicted...... Read more
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