SYNCHRONICITY - All Pirates Aboard the Ship
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There comes a time when a pirate needs to board the ship and start his journey to travel to the seven seas in quest of finding his lost treasures, which we predict can be found on this CD.
Pirate "Synchronicity" would like to thank his mateys for joining him on this quest, a special thanks to Toto and Karel from World People to make this debut album happening, a big special thanks to all my fans and friends that been following me through my journey alongside it goes a big thanks to Yan Synthetik Chaos, Ben, Dj Anja, Miss tick and all the rest of the World People Crew Big, thanks to Triphonic Festival and all the rest of the crews in France, Toulouse, Richie Asimilon, Nuky and Al Dirty Saffi, Alex Parasense, Chris Rich and all the rest of the Bom Shanka crew, Also Thomas Peace-ks Alex EVP, Mark Beardy, Jay Southwild and Bonnitchka Pirate all the WildThings crew, big thumbs up for Looney moon Andrea Dust, Lorenzo Mole, Giacomo Phase, Roberto Dj Fog and all the rest of the Looney Moon crew, Alex Wildchild and Creative Jungle crew, Mirko Solidstate and all the rest of Human Evolution, Si From Momento Demento, Gino From Sonica, My bro Gonza Disintegrated Circuits that has been on my side all these years, and to all my friends and family in Portugal big thanks for been there for me and am sorry if i forget some of you because its too many to say, now enjoy this Preview my friends and see you in the dancefloor, lets rock!!!!!

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