CHAKRAVIEW - Make a Wish

Sortie le 17 fev. 2017
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Venturing into the stormy seas of life, little did Chakraview knows about the perils and adventures that awaited him in this journey. After an unexpected shipwreck, he met a mermaid and the devil of the deep blue who granted him with a wish in return for his soul. Just before a wish was made, the crew members of the World People Ship spotted him and got him back on board so that he could share his stories and warn other seafaring pirates venturing out. 
Get ready to set sail on a sound journey as Chakraview is back with his 2nd EP – “Make a Wish “ on World People Production and is ready to knock your socks off. Clean your ears, dust your speakers and Make a wish but be careful what you wish for.
Mastering by Tron @homegrown audio 
Artwork by Edi Reifman (Edell Designs)

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