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Disponible à partir de septembre 2011
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This time World People Production is proud to present you his CREW :
A sample of some fresh new talents, like Hypnos, some more confirmate like Synaptick, Little Pumkin, Mons, Annunakey, with some well known like: Synthetik Chaos, Pirated Machines, and our last arriving in the team from Italy Junesix, with a bonus The Looters vs Synthetik Chaos. Our objectif as a label is to continue to push the artists we support over the years and to push the new breed of producers and DJs involved in our CREW.

And in bonus for the collector World People Production are happy to reissue his first compilation unrelease until now and remasterised : Pirates Revolution. as usualy a good sample of the time past in the World People Festival which show you all different faces of it with 9 differents artists who made a track on the Pirates theme. Introduce by some down tempo with Dymons&Floating Grooves,it goes from morning style with Rastalien, Psymmetrix, following with early night tracks like Hyperfrequencies, Soundz pirates to end with some pure psychedelique night staff with Pirated machines (their first track), Illegal Machines,Yab Yum,and Ocelot..

Lets get your dancing feet ready for it. A double V.A which will twis & rock the dancefloors days and nights in different places of our planet.

Bonus CD - Re-édition remasterisée : PIRATE REVOLUTION

Hashashin - Hard Drop Cafe V.A. - Geminorum II (comp. by Pollux) Pusher - Abandonned Spaceship EP
Groove Hunter - Illegal Groove VA - Milky Way 2.0